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Pooch Power Plus

Pooch Power Plus 150gBrewers Yeast

  • Is a natural pasteurised yeast food and is an excellent source of protein. B vitamins and minerals, particularly chromium that help with blood sugar control. B vitamins are compromised when food is frozen.
  • Brewers yeast contains main essential amino acids and minerals, phosphorus, iron, calcium plus important trace elements needed for metabolism.


  • Garlic is a potent immune system stimulant and a natural antibiotic.
  • Is also effective against fungal infections and there is some evidence thatthis may destroy certain viruses. Taken regularly it also has an antiparasitic effect.


Flax Seeds or Linseeds

Are rich in omega 3, essentialfatty acids, magnesium, potassium and fibre. They are also a good source of B vitamins, protein and zinc. They are low in saturated fats and calories and contain no cholesterol. Several studies have shown that it can reduce the pain, inflammation and swelling of arthritis.

  • Essential fatty acids are essential on a daily basis like protein is. It is particularly helpful with skin conditions such as dry skin or eczema and very good to maintain a healthy shining coat.

Pooch Power Plus 500gMolasses

  • Molasses is the last possible extraction in the sugar refining process. It can be taken as a general tonic and to help promote regularity.
  • A rich source of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus and zinc.